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How can I play the session?

You can play the session once you generate your workout plan. Once your workout plan is generated, it will automatically take you to the session screen.

How to skip demo video?

The screen playing the demo video will have an option ‘Skip Demonstration’. Tap on that option and the demo video will be skipped.

Can I see equipment for the workouts?

Yes, you can see the equipment for your workout. Once you click on the chosen goal, you will see a box with Equipment. Click the box and you can view the equipment required for the workout.

How can I get extra time between exercises?

Each exercise is duration based and will end within a limited time,therefore, it is advised to complete the exercise within the designated time so that you can go on to the next exercise smoothly.

What is the duration of a workout session?

The duration of the session is between 30 to 60 minutes. However, if you are a beginner, we recommend you to start with 30 minutes.

How can I change the duration of my workout?

Go to Goals – Tap on the square bar on the top-right corner of your individual Goal section. Click on Change Schedule. Now you can set the duration of your workout. You can change the duration of your workouts at a particular time interval and day of the week.


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