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How does Assessment work?

Assessment is a one-time process which can be taken up only after registering with the app. Once you register, the screen will show you the process – Set your Goals, Take Assessment, Commit to the Schedule. By selecting your goals, you will be directed to take up the assessment of the chosen goal. By doing this, your workout plan will be created.

How can I take the reassessment?

Go to Goals Footer (on the Home Screen) – Tap on the square bar placed on the top-right corner of the individual goals section – Click on ‘Take Assessment’. When you proceed with ‘Take Assessment’, your current workout will be deleted and it will generate a new one.

When can I take the reassessment?

You can take the reassessment after 45-60 days. It is recommended that you follow the exercises regularly so that you are able to take the right reassessment based on your condition.

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