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How does Progress Meter work?

Progress Meter lets you observe the improvement in your condition. By following the exercises prescribed or chosen in the app, you can fill up the score after every exercise. This score will define the level of progress you have made to date. We suggest you to track progress every 45 days.

How often should the Progress Meter tests be taken?

We recommend that Progress Meter test be taken every 2 to 4 weeks.

How to see my score after I have taken the Progress Test?

You can see the Test Score of a single test taken by navigating back to that particular test and scroll down a bit. Your score will be shown as the ‘Last score.’ It saves the score from the last test taken.

If you want to see the Test Score of a particular goal (e.g., Mobility), you can see it by going to ‘Progress’ from the ‘Home Screen’ then tapping on ‘See your score’ mentioned on the right side below the tests.

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