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What are the goals for FixHealth?

Knee Pain

The goal aims at reducing or managing knee pain through app exercises for strengthening muscles around the knee, reduce stiffness and in turn pain. The pain arises due to a sudden injury, overuse injury, underlying condition such as arthritis can be treated with physical therapy as well.

Shoulder Pain

Through this goal, shoulder pain generally caused by arthritis, tendinitis, torn rotator cuff, and Pain restricts movement can be managed or reduced through a range of motion and stretching exercises.

Neck Pain

The neck pain that generally arises due to degenerated disc disease, whiplash injury, neck strain, a pinched nerve is managed through this goal. It does so with the help of appropriate nerve stretches, strengthening and range of motion exercises to reduce pain and stiffness.

Back Pain

The goal aims at reducing or managing back pain that arises due to fall, lifting heavy weight, bad posture leading to difficulty in maintaining any position, turning, etc. The exercises help by proving appropriate posture correction exercises, back strengthening exercises, etc.

General Fitness

The goal promotes fitness in general by offering fitness module including yoga and exercises pertaining to fitness. These exercises are normal and can be done on a regular basis.

Weight Loss

For weight loss, this goal aims at offering the exercises pertaining to weight specifically. It includes yoga and fitness exercises particularly designed to manage weight.

Strength Training

The goal Strength Training aims at promoting muscle strength through various weight training exercises which include lifting up weights as per the requirement.

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