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What is Coach Connect?

Coach Connect is a facility wherein a user can connect with 9zest expert/coach over a call. The aim of Coach Connect is to facilitate the user in understanding the app functionality, set up his / her plan, and take up questions by the user.

How can I avail the Coach Connect facility?

You can connect with 9zest coach/expert through video conferencing (Skype or zoom), phone number or Whatsapp call.

I am not comfortable in sharing my phone number, how do I connect with the coach?

We understand and respect the user’s privacy. You can connect through video conferencing (Skype or zoom).

Is Whatsapp call facility available to get in touch with the coach?

Yes, it is available. You can either share your Whatsapp number or can call on our expert’s Whatsapp phone number.

I am available to take call during my time zone only. Is it possible?

That’s possible. We ask the user about the location and time zone beforehand so that it is convenient for the user to take a call.

What is the duration of the call?

The duration of the call is between 15 to 30 minutes. However, it can expand depending on the user’s questions.

How often can I use the Coach Connect facility?

You can schedule a call session with the coach once in a month.

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